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ISBN: 978-1-61372-103-2
September 2011
Itineris Press
Print / E-Book
$14.99 / $6.99
196 Pages
GLBT, Faith-based
Rating: 4 Cups

The death of his wife was undoubtedly the hardest thing Paul Tobin ever faced, and even his love of God and the church has not filled the hole in his heart. He never even contemplated finding someone else, but that decision was made for him.

Alcohol has been the only constant in Ian Finnerty’s life for longer than he cares to remember, but it is not his friend. The day Ian steps into the church for his AA meeting is the day his life will be changed forever.

An angel is what Paul sees when Ian comes through the door of his church, and it is a vision he is unable to shake. Paul takes Ian under his wing and into his heart, but the idea of a homosexual relationship is so far outside of his experience, he has no basis for understanding. Ian knows exactly what he looks like, and all his life that is the only thing people have seen, but Paul sees what is in his soul, and it makes Ian love him all the more. Their love however is in direct conflict with Paul’s position as minister in his church, and should it come out, the fallout could be catastrophic.

The situation for Paul is undoubtedly difficult as he falls deeper and deeper in love with Ian, but it makes me sad none the less. Here is a man completely devoted to God and his church, and yet he feels he has to hide something that makes his soul come alive. In my opinion Paul lets his fears overshadow his feelings, and this just reinforces the bigotry within the church and its members. For all of his faith Paul should be a better man, and yet this story does a superb job of showing just how fallible man really is.

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