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Soul Reaper Series
Book 1 - Masquerade
Book 2 - Soul Reaper
Book 3 - Angelic Cravings

Soul Reaper Series, Book 3
ISBN# 9781936165827
March 2, 2011
Purple Sword Publications
295 pages
Vampires/Werewolves, Paranormal, Multiple Partners
Rating: 2 Cups

Brenna is bordering on madness, her entire life spiraling out of her control. Lost in a mist of bloodlust, she is unable to deal with the death of her friend. The angel of death refuses to end her miserable existence. Can she regain her tenuous hold on her own sanity and stop a series of murders that have started around her?

Azrael is an angel who should not be tampering with a bloodthirsty woman bent on her own destruction. Unable to resist her, he tries to help her see past her own misery. When she stubbornly pushes him and all opportunity to save herself away, will he finally give up and do what he is supposed to? Or will her lure bring him back yet again to try to balance what he should do with what he desires?

Brenna must fight to redeem her very personality. Will she and Azrael manage to free her from the bounds of her own grief? Or will killer awaken the greatest evil and thereby destroy them all?

A confusing story, head hopping dramatically from madness to the arrogance of a heavenly body, this tale was hard for this reader to follow. Although I really sympathized with the grief that Brenna expressed, her self-destructive nature left me feeling distanced from her. If she did not care what happened to her, how could I, as a reader?

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