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ISBN# 9780062073457
28 August 2012
400 Pages
Contemporary Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

LAPD detective Danny McGuire has never worked a murder scene like the one involving Andrew Jakes. The sheer brutality of the killing, the mess and the confusing questions that seem to have no answers haunt him. To top it all off, the widow disappears almost immediately after the investigation begins. The ethereally beautiful woman simply drops off the face of the Earth, never to be seen again.

Matt Daley delves into the Jakes murder, looking for an interesting story to infuse his writing career with new life. What he discovers is not just one case but half a dozen, spread across multiple countries. His search for answers takes him to Europe where he meets up with McGuire, working now with Interpol. They follow the trail of a brilliant killer who uses the entire globe as his playground.

When Matt meets the widow, Lisa Baring, in Hong Kong, she draws him into an emotional attachment that makes him question his own motives. With McGuire’s help, Matt realizes that not everything is as it seems. Sometimes, those who seem the most innocent are actually tangled deeper in the darkest realities.

Ms. Bagshawe does a remarkable job of bringing the late Mr. Sheldon’s work to completion. The threads of each character’s life are tangled so carefully to create a web of lies and deceptions that make for a thrilling suspense story. Though the timeline is sometimes muddied by abrupt shifts, the story maintains certain symmetries. This one will keep you guessing until the very last page.

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