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Prequels to The Asylum Tales Series

Bronx, Short Story
Trixie, Short Story
Book 1: Ange's Ink

The Asylum Tales, Book 1
ISBN# 978-0-06-211785-4
October 16, 2012
Harper Voyager
Trade Paperback
338 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Using magic is as natural as breathing for Gage Powell, which means serious trouble for him since he chose to leave the Ivory Towers. With zero desire to become a megalomaniac like the other warlocks and witches, Gage much prefers his life now as a tattoo artist and potion stirrer.

Working with Gage and Bronx is the happiest Trixie can remember being since she began running for her life. She knows that eventually she will have to take off again, but for right now life is pretty good.

Tattooing a young woman dying of cancer sets off a chain of events Gage could never have foreseen. Now he has only a few days to correct something he never should have tried in the first place. As if that was not enough, he does the unthinkable and gives in to his feelings for Trixie, just when her past decides to catch up to her. Everything is going downhill so fast Gage’s head is spinning, but he has no time to wallow if he wants to keep his friends and himself alive.

This story feels like one of those crazy racing video games where the main character is careening out of control while being pummeled by something at every turn. Gage goes from the frying pan straight into the fire, and then decides to take a dip in Hell, because the fire is just not hot enough! He may be a one man disaster zone, yet you are going to love him anyway. There is a full spectrum of paranormal characters here to spark your interest, but it is the subtle nuances blending folklore, history, and the metaphysical that really captures your attention.

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