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ISBN#: 9781419920684
May 2009
Cerridwen Press
195 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Abigail “Abby” Angel is just that, an angel. She works for Angel’s Inc. in demon control. Abby is not like other angels, she does not look like them, and she does not have the same emotions either which might explain her slip up five years before with half-demon, Simeon Keller.

Simeon is half-human and half-demon and usually like most demons, feels no attraction to angels at all. However, Abby was and is different, and so are his feelings towards her.

When Abby met Simeon five years before, it was to give him his first strike for seducing a married woman, she had no idea he was going to seduce her too! The rest of the angels never let her forget it either. However when she is attacked by four demons, and given a warning that angels are going to go down and the blood will be on their hands, Abby takes the threat seriously. When Simeon’s name pops up during an investigation of one of the demons that attacked Abby, it becomes clear she is going to have to contact him again after avoiding him for the last five years. Fortunately, she is able to hold her own with Simeon for the most part, and he at least gives the appearance of helping her. However, when it becomes apparent that he did not let demon control know that he had moved, Abby is forced to give Simeon his second strike knowing a third will send him back to hell. It becomes apparent rather quickly that Simeon is doing his best to get to know her as they continue communicating trying to find out about the demons that attacked her, but Simeon is walking a fine line by openly consorting with an angel. The more Abby gets to know Simeon the more she realizes he is not at all what she thought. Will these two be able to be together in the wake of angels being seriously harmed by demons, or will they lose each other in the ongoing war between good and evil?

I absolutely loved Angel Vindicated! The world building is extraordinary and totally unlike anything I have read in this genre. I really liked how Ms. Estrella showed that while Simeon was half-demon he really deserved more credit than angels were giving him. I also loved spunky Abby and how she does not fit the mold of what most of the angels look and behave like. The whole idea of this sort of rebel angel trying to conform but not really getting the job done was very cool. If you want to read something totally different but extremely fun and entertaining, then be sure and pick up a copy of Angel Vindicated, you will not be sorry!

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