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ISBN# (10): 10: 1-936000-15-6/(13): 13: 978-1-936000-15-9
July 2008
Desert Breeze Publishing
131 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Matt Greenlee has been living a dual life for the past six years, as a pastor of a church and a science fiction writer. He writes under the name, Morgan Grimaldi, not sure if the ministry would approve of his writing.

AJ Mercer has been editing for about three months, prior to being an agent for a few years. She is put off by preachers, believing they all preach the same thing. When she becomes editor to Matt’s book, she does not wish to hear any preaching.

Matt is afraid since he has been promoted from assistant to senior pastor, letting slip about his science fiction writing might cause a stir. To further complicate matters he learns he now has a new editor, AJ, who happens to be a woman. She even proclaims to read his books. The moment they meet, he finds her stunning. She has one ground rule; do not try to get her to attend church. Now they have to work on the manuscript despite their differences, but something tells them it will be quite out of the norm. Can they hold back the urge to give into their heart or will someone else try to grab hold of Matt?

To be honest, when I read this story, I wanted to tell some of the players to take a good look at themselves. Good job, Deborah Kinnard for creating genuine characters that speak from the heart. I enjoyed the way Ms. Kinnard slowly builds up the chemistry between AJ and Matt even knitting in a wonderful way for Matt to get her to learn about the Bible. Her words truly make the heart leap with joy. Courtney was a nice toss into the pot, not to mention the elders meeting. This poignant story is truly extraordinaire.

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