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May 2010
Torquere Press, Top shelf
132 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Jeremy Kincaid has been on his own ever since he turned eighteen and his foster parents threw him out of their home. Thinking that his boyfriend is the love of his life, he is surprised when Trent tries to get him to become a male prostitute.

Noah “The Angel” Everett knows what it means to live on the street and to sell your soul to survive. Ever since he has gotten off the streets, he has tried to help others find their way home.

When Jeremy first encounters Noah he is terrified, tired, hungry, and trying to survive as the boys on the street continue to run him down. Taking the younger man under his wing, The Angel begins his role to keep Jeremy off the street. He does not realize that instead of saving the eighteen year old, Jeremy will be saving his soul and teaching him some much needed lessons. Now if the two can just make it through the growing war that is raging in the gang, they can possibly explore the deepening feelings they have for each other.

From the first page to the last I was sucked into the drama that unfolded between Jeremy, Noah, and the gang. Ms. Winters brings so many emotions to the forefront as she explores the dangerous side of prostitution and living on the streets that one cannot help but feel the powerful sensations that each of the characters feel. Angel of 13th Street is the type of book that you will not likely forget. It will have you hoping that if you were ever in trouble that you would have someone as amazing as Noah and Jeremy in your corner to stick up for you. While I love a novel with some hot and steamy sex especially ones that involve two men, the passion was secondary to the commanding storyline that takes precedence over the passion. This is one tale that you will want to read over again just to relive all the stunning events and scenarios that take place between the pages!

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