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Pleasant Valley Book 3
ISBN#: 9780425234266-Paperback/9781101188040-eBook
June 2010
Penguin Group
Trade Paperback/eBook
$14.00-Trade Paperback/$9.99-eBook
301 Pages
Inspirational, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Anna Beiler is on the run from the nightmare the English World has become. Accompanied by a baby not hers through birth, she returns to the one home she has always known and run from.

Samuel tried his luck in the English World and returned home to his Amish roots. His brief taste of the outside world was enough for him, but he still struggles to sink back into the security blanket of his community.

Anna’s return brings danger to the family she left behind, but even that is not enough to keep them from welcoming her with open arms. Anna finds that Samuel becomes increasingly important but holds herself apart because she knows that someday she will need to run again. Samuel is determined that Anna has done all the running she will ever do; it is time for her to take a stand and trust the family she so easily left behind.

Anna’s Return is a wonderful story of return and redemption. The very essence of how not everything is at it appears and that forgiveness is available should someone only ask. I loved my visit with Pleasant Valley and at some point in the future hope to return for another uplifting story. Filled with hope and love, Anna’s Return is a wonderful story as well as a brief glimpse at a people that the English World know only through stories and legends.

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