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Douglas Clan Series, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781942886808
August 2015
Boroughs Publishing Group
143 Pages
Highland Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Moira MacInnes is the illegitimate daughter of Lord John Douglas, Earl of Kildrummond. While Moira loves her father and knows he loves her, she refuses to live in his castle or really benefit in any way other than the small hut she lives in on his land. It was hard for her growing up, and his barren wife’s resentment of her did not make it any easier.

Lachlan Ramsay may have come from nobility, but since his grandfather lost their family fortunes and lands, he is now a landless knight. He has no aspirations for the future other than more of the same and continuing to be the ladies man that he has always been.

When the Earl of Kildrummond offers to make Lachlan his heir, Lachlan begins to see the possibility of a future for himself, but there is a catch. Lachlan has to marry Moira, Lord John’s skinny, rather plain daughter. While he is not particularly enthused about that, as he has no desire to marry anyone, he is willing to do so. However, Moira will have none of it and makes no bones about telling her father and anyone else within hearing distance that she is not willing to do it. Fortunately, Lachlan is able to convince her to go through with it with the carrot that they will not consummate the marriage, and will get an annulment once her father passes away as he soon will. Interestingly enough, the two become fast friends, but as time goes on their friendship turns into something more, but Moira is afraid to trust it. Will they stay married, or will the annulment go through each losing what they most want but are afraid to ask for?

A Noble Deception is a truly magnificent read. I loved the realism of this story so much. The author truly did her research and as such, she sets the stage and colors this highland world so well, you feel as though you are there with the characters. Not only are the main characters engaging, interesting and just plain lovely, but the secondary characters and plot line make this story a true keeper. If you love historical and or highland historical romance then you need to read this book! I for one cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a historical romance so much, this is one book that is going to be a re-read many times for me.

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