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Pennyroyal Green Series

Book 1: The Perils of Pleasure
Book 2: Like No Other Lover
Book 3: Since the Surrender
Book 4: I Kissed an Earl
Book 5: What I Did for a Duke
Book 6: How the Marquess was Won
Book 7: A Notorious Contess Confesses

Pennyroyal Green Book 7
ISBN #978-0-06-211802-8
October 30, 2012
384 Pages
Regency Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Evie has come a long way from her roots in the Irish countryside; from actress in Covent Garden, to widowed Countess in Pennyroyal Green. Now she is living in the little manor house left to her by her husband’s estate. A part of Evie longs to leave the rumors and expensive trappings of her existence behind for a simpler life in the country.

Adam Sylvaine looks nothing like one would think a vicar should. He has all the ladies of his parish showing up early for Sunday services. In fact, Adam’s life is quite picturesque until the notorious Countess Wareham shows up in church one morning. When she falls asleep during his sermon, he discovers he is irresistibly intrigued.

Countess Wareham is nothing like Adam thought a former courtesan would be. She has the wiles and the charms, but there is also something more. No matter the tests set forth by the other inhabitants of Pennyroyal Green, she endeavors to win their approval. And no matter how hard he tries to tame his own regard, an unquenchable fire smolders between Adam and Eve.

The story immediately draws the reader into the delicious concept of a vicar who manages to be a sex symbol and a moral pillar all at the same time. The sheer balancing of these two deeply emotional characters is truly something to behold. I highly recommend this book to all lovers of the romance genre. My compliments to Ms. Long for her ability to turn a phrase and hold her audience from cover to cover.

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