Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #1610342518
May 2011
E Book
220 Pages
Contemporary Romance/Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Taite is a sweet and beautiful woman with auburn hair. She is also an ambitious and successful real estate agent. She has an identical twin sister but is not as close to her as she would like to be.

Pierce is a wealthy man who has just bought the real estate agency where Taite works. He is a widower with a small daughter and is immediately attracted to Taite.

Taite and Caite have never been as close as twins are supposed to be. When Taite inherits the bulk of her father’s estate, things are a bit more strained, but Taite is distracted by her romance and marriage with Pierce. Soon it becomes apparent that someone is trying to kill Taite and that Pierce has gotten suspiciously close to Caite.

People fascinated with the dynamics of the relationships between twins will particularly like this story. Caite and Taite are the classic evil and good twins. Caite is selfish and not all that likable, and Taite is her complete opposite. Taite and Pierce’s relationship progresses almost too quickly and the consequences are apparent in their lack of trust in each other, making it easy for Caite and Mickey to pursue their own agendas. The plot is intriguing and fast moving with great characters and a lot of suspense. Pierce’s daughter Lacey is a real scene stealer.

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