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House of Renwick Series

Book 1: The Ugly Duckling
Book 2: The Seduction Of Sebastian St. James
Book 2.5: An Unlikely Alliance
Book 3: Redemption of Lord Rawlings
Book 4: The Devil Duke Takes a Bride

ISBN# 9781936852994
February 2012
Astraea Press
123 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Royce McArthur is a rich and charming rogue who is given an ultimatum by his mother to grow up, find a bride, and give her grandkids in four months time. Only recently ambushed by two of his mistresses, he finds the idea more and more appealing, therefore agrees.

Evelyn De Jarlias is a hardworking southern farm girl who is introduced in a ball to the society of the rich and famous when her father, by a stroke of luck, strikes rich the previous year. Despite a year of tutors and training, getting rid of the outspoken, unrefined farm girl is difficult, and that is what attracts Royce to her.

Royce tries courting Evelyn in the only way he knows how, by gifting trinkets and flowers like he did with his mistresses. When she is unimpressed, he resorts to tempting her with food and taking advantage of the fact that his mother and her father seem to spending a lot of time alone in secrecy. The time spent spying on them just might work to Royce’s advantage, or will it?

Royce is a likable character but very childlike. The way he reacts to things and handles them reminds me of a naïve, but endearing, boy. Evelyn is a confident girl who is not afraid to work hard. The characters are both lovable and their interactions always made me laugh but I did not feel any real chemistry between them. I found that the scenes changed too quickly without properly linking which made me go back again and again to re-read and figure out what happened. Another thing was the couple’s reaction throughout the book over the possible relationship between their parents. Overall, this book would be a nice way to pass time without thinking too much about the way the story goes.

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