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Wild Irish Series
Book 1- Come Monday
Book 2- Ruby Tuesday
Book 3- Waiting for Wednesday
Book 4- Sweet Thursday
Book 5- Friday I’m in Love
Book 6- Saturday Night Special
Book 7- Any Given Sunday

Book 7 in the Wild Irish series
ISBN- 9781419932724
January 7, 2011
Ellora’s Cave
126 pages
Contemporary romance/Menage
Rating: 4 cups

Lauren Chase is a psychology student. She feels her life is very run of the mill, but the desires she harbors within herself could certainly change things if she would only set them free.

Sean Collins manages his family’s pub. He loves his girlfriend, Lauren, but he has a secret love. A love he is scared to mention to Lauren.

Chad is also a psychology student. He has been friends with Sean since they were in school together. He rents a room in Sean and Lauren’s home. He, too, has a few secrets he is scared to share with anyone else.

Three friends, all with secrets. Lauren loves Sean, but she also has feelings for Chad. Sean is bisexual and has feelings for both Lauren and Chad. Chad desires Lauren, but is scared of his feelings for Sean. A psychology research assignment has the three roommates exploring their feelings for one another as well as asking questions of the different relationships in Collins family. This assignment could blow up in everyone’s faces, or it could bring them all closer together. Only time will tell.

It is not often that I come across a story in a ménage a trois genre that has such a romantic thread throughout it. Any Given Sunday was a pleasant surprise for this reviewer. Not only are the characters very aware of each other’s feelings, they want to avoid hurting the relationship they share. Adding the entire Collins family into the tale meant there would be humor and fun to be found, but it was the love shared between Lauren, Sean, and Chad that touched my heart. Ms. Carr has impressed me with her style of writing and her way of telling a tale. This book will have a place on my shelf for many years to come.

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