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ISBN: 1-59426-557-7
April 2006
24 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The Gilded Girdle

Court Smirnoff of Belgravia, (Malecom), stands in the ivory tower and spies a beautiful damsel in distress fleeing with the magical jeweled girdle of ecstasy.

Cunnygoode needs Prince Malecom. He has the equipment to break the spell of the vivacious belt.

Cunnygoode is searching for her fiancé. It has been said that only he can end her torture. She also wishes to release him from the tower. Court Smirnoff assures her that he is not Malecom but when curiosity piques, he jumps from the tower lending help. She is certain he is Malecom but he denies she is his betrothed. Smirnoff begins to think on matters after Cunnygoode leaves. A vile wizard had zapped his memory restricting him to the tower and as Cunnygoode vaguely steps out of sight he remembers his real identity and dashes after her. Together they must completely break the complete spell and release the real Malecom.

The Gilded Girdle is a crafty fast pace read that hooks the reader instantly. The delightful characters almost jump from the pages in this cleverly written prose that is quite captivating.

Three Wishes

Princess Purlisexy is the beautiful curious daughter of Cunnygoode and Malecom and loves to ride horses

Frigi Diti is the wicked wizard who cast a spell on Cunnygoode and Malecom. He has been patiently awaiting Purlisexy’s arrival.

When Purlisexy takes a leisurely horse ride and happens upon a cavern she eagerly encounters Frigi Diti, of whom he needs to break his own spell.

Three Wishes is a fantastic read. Purlisexy is charming and Frigi Diti is delightfully evil. The two make a fun pair.

Anything But Anderson’s is a refreshing read that is truly satisfying. Ms. Dwai generates two stories that are unforgettable. I look forward to more of her works.

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