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ISBN# 9781537448130
7 August 2012
Cleis Press
Trade Paperback
206 Pages
Erotica Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Like Riding a Bicycle

Seeing her in something as mundane as an old T-shirt and shorts reignites something in Jon he has not felt for a while.

Just the tone of his voice lets Mariah know this will not be an ordinary afternoon.

The curves that cause Mariah such frustration thrill Jon thoroughly. It has been so long since they have played this way Jon worries he has lost his touch. Thankfully, it all comes back.

Jon and Mariah are proof positive that with age comes an appreciation for what is truly good in life.

Borrower Beware

The initial irritation over the absconded stockings leads to a plan to exact the most exquisite punishment.

She does the crime. Now Nikki must pay the price.

The tease is slow, sweet torture, and Nikki is not the only one who is enjoying it.

With a punishment like this, it has to be way more fun to be bad.

Anything She Wanted

Voicing his fantasies is hard. Having them fulfilled is bliss.

Adventurousness is not a problem for Samantha, but it is way more fun when you have someone to play with.

The moment Samantha opens the door to his inner cravings, his doubts disappear in a haze of desire.

One touch is all it takes to set this story on fire.


Not everyone can understand what he feels for Daddy. Sometimes he does not understand it himself.

She loves being his Daddy, and it makes her heart soar to see her princess obey her every command.

With the flip of a coin, their romantic night turns into a mind-blowing ride of ecstasy.

While this may not be conventional, it sure looks like tons of fun.


More than anything, Ade loves to take her body and make it sing.

Getting ready for guests occupies Wendy’s attention completely, until he touches her.

The perfection surrounding Wendy drives Ade to distraction. He loves shaking her up, and this evening will certainly do that.

Comfort zones disintegrate. As the walls come down, the heat goes up.

Greasing the Wheels

While Megan feels vindicated that her suspicions are correct, she is strangely turned on as well.

Having kinks is one thing. Admitting them to his girlfriend is beyond Mark’s capabilities.

The photo of Mark cheating leads Megan to do something she may have otherwise thought better of trying. It does, however, lead to one very interesting evening.

Even though some things are not meant to last, it does not mean you cannot enjoy it in the moment.


Being able to talk about how much his Mistress means to him makes Harry glow with pride.

On meeting him, for the first time Mei feels she may have found her perfect boy.

Mistress makes his whole world have meaning. What he does for her eases something in his soul he never imagines he could experience.

There is such a loving and peaceful feeling to Harry’s devotion to Mei it makes you long to know more.

I Tend to Her

Seeing her sick feels like an affront to his authority, making her well is his top priority.

Feverish and aching, Loveday finally ends a very long and torturous day.

Nursing Loveday back to health helps him feel back in control. Nothing and no one should be able to touch her without his consent, not even germs.

This may be taking control a little seriously. However, you cannot fault his bedside manner.

Apple Blossoms

It is not often Ashley takes the lead. She much prefers to watch her girlfriend step into that role.

Figuring out what Brad is after does not take Brooke long at all. This should be fun.

Brad is in for a real treat with Ashley and Brooke. It just may not be exactly what he is expecting.

A little humility goes a long way to making Brad a more attractive character.

Big Night

Her husband’s birthday is going to be a night to remember, and she cannot wait to get started.

The best part of being married to his wife is that Dan can be exactly what he wants her to be.

She has a few little surprises in store for Dan’s fortieth. The family dinner is wonderful. The after party, though, is one Dan will never forget.

This is one great example of couples who play together staying together.

The Guest Star

On occasion, they like to include someone new for a night of fun.

Kristen set up the date and time with Gabrielle, so it will be interesting to see what happens next.

At first, she stands back to watch the sparks flying between her girlfriend and Gabrielle. But Kristen is not about to leave her out of the fun.

The dynamic between these three women is as strange as it is erotic.


The centerpiece of Bev’s party is Jason, only he does not know it quite yet.

There is something deep inside that makes Jason long to be put on display.

Older woman, younger man may be a cliché, but Jason would not want it any other way. Bev gives him everything he needs, often before he even knows it himself.

What is there not to love about a sexy young stud who craves being the center of attraction for several admiring ladies?

New Games on Saturday Night

In Jack’s book, one-night stands are not meant to spend the night, until he meets her.

Tonight Serena is going to try out a few fantasies, and she is lucky to be doing so with a pro.

Jack is finding it so refreshing and fun to put Serena through her first BDSM experience. What is even more exciting is that, for the first time in a long time, this feels like something that could last.

Jack and Serena take an already hot steamy night and set it on fire!

Notes from Her Master

Although business travel takes her away on occasion, she never feels separated from Master.

Rules are the foundation of his relationship with Pet, which means he is absolutely positive she will follow each and every one while away.

The plane has barely lifted off that she receives her first command. What transpires after leaves Pet breathless for more.

A sexy little game between this Master and his Pet is just the ticket for a very fun read.

Lap It Up

After a long tiring day, Louise is ready to crash. Her girl has different ideas though.

Working side by side for hours makes Jo want nothing more than to have some very down and dirty fun.

Tonight Jo’s fantasy takes on a whole new level of dominance, at which Louise readily agrees. Some may find their play weird or unusual. To them, it is unbelievably hot.

Everyone has their own definition of fun and sexy. These two take it to a whole new level.

What If

It begins with teasing words meant to set the mood. It does not take long before she is ready for more.

A little ingenuity and he has everything he needs to make her beg.

Her responsiveness encourages him to continue. The question is who will crack first?

Such innocuous items lead to the most amazing reactions and one fantastic story.

Petting Zoo

Appearances can be so deceiving. Anyone looking at Mason could never guess the man beneath the exterior.

Although getting comfortable in her role as Mistress has taken Stephanie some time, she now owns her stilettos.

A night at the club is all about putting Mason through its paces. She will make sure he loves every single punishing moment.

What attracts one person to another is always a mystery. In this instance, it is of the utmost pleasure.


No one looking at them would ever guess the games she plays with her husband.

What really gets him going is his petite wife taking on a role much is bigger than her stature.

Started out as a game any couple would play, they have taken it to whole new heights. She is the aggressor against a man twice her size. And he loves every minute of it.

Behind closed doors is so much more interesting when you can let your imagination run wild.

Everything She’d Always Wanted

Their marriage up to this point has been pretty normal by any standard, which makes David’s pronouncement come as a surprise.

Desires she does not even know she has are ignited when Gwen agrees to her husband’s request.

The confidence David has in Gwen will make this night one they will never forget. She loves and trusts him with absolution, also when her head gets in the way of her heart.

The nervous energy rolling off of Gwen enhances the overall sexual appeal of this story.

Each character in these stories shows a tremendous amount of strength and pride. It takes guts to let someone see your innermost desires, and allow them the freedom to grow. There is certainly something for everyone here, and some scenes you may never have imagined enjoying. Take a page out of this book and embrace life in any way that suits your fancy.

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