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ISBN# (10):1-59431-758-5/(13):978-1-59431-758-3
May 2008
Write Words, Inc.
156 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Luke McFarland is considered the best man in the firm. He lives a luxurious lifestyle and lives the motto ‘love them and leave them’ with women. Then Madeleine enters his life.

Madeleine Andrews has a publicity project dumped in her lap with a PR firm and a man she has never met. The biggest question on her mind, why was she chosen for this?

Madeleine has her hands full not only with the publicity project, but covering the Mayor’s conference and doing a story on teenagers trying to stay too thin. The worst thing is working with handsome Luke. As a low-ranking reporter, she would rather be an investigative reporter. She hopes her articles on teenagers and the Ana cult, short for anorexia, give her the recognition she wishes. Luke learns Madeleine has good credentials and is sharp. Once this project is over, he will have to forget all about Madeleine. He has no time for any relationship in his life, yet she intrigues him. As the two work on their consuming projects, can they have a future together?

A Perfect Body is a good read. I like how it expresses the dangers of anorexia. Cassandra Barnes explores the dangers and bad influences by which anorexia can destroy the body. She relays a good story of how teenagers will do anything to follow the modern craze of looking good and fit. I like how she digs deep into the heart and soul of Madeleine and brings out her inner self, too. She and Luke so deserve to find that one love to last a lifetime. All the players are crafted in such a life-like form that this reader felt as if she was right in the middle of a real event going on in this delightful read.

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