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ISBN# 978-1-61124-082-5/ 978-1-61124-968-2
April 23, 2011
Amber Quill Press, LLC
E Book/ Paperback
$7.00/ $13.50
190 pages
Contemporary/ Sports/ Athletes
Rating: 5 Cups

Danni is a well meaning fraud that has created a persona that will land her in the middle of the wrestling world! She pretends to be a writer for a sports magazine and learns very quickly that even in wrestling, where everything is carefully planned out, things are not always what they appear.

When Vin is asked to allow a reporter to follow him around for 30 days, he figures letting “Danny “ see the ins and outs of the ring will be nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Little does he know that Danni will quickly sneak in and steal his heart. This wrestler will have to show that he has brains to back up his muscles and get what he wants; Danni.

Danni and Vin start to butt heads from nearly page one and quickly the head butting turns to lust; then from lust these two polar opposites fall head over heels in love! Their journey to “Happily Ever After” is far from easy and has more than one Thorn in their sides. From career obligations and a fellow wrester, Thorn, Danni and Vin will have to put on a show that will leave even them wondering when the act ends and they begin!

I was extremely pleased by A Perfect Match. The entire story was engaging, and even for non wrestling fans such as myself, entertaining and a pleasant mix of facts and romance. Ms. Wilkins gave enough back ground to the sport to make it entertaining, but not so much that it became a guide to wrestling! I loved the romance that built between Danni and Vin, it was far from the easy path, but this made the story all the more captivating to me. I loved every page and I will be reading this story again and again in the future!

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