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ISBN#: 9781681750880
September 2015
Amber Quill Press
80 Pages
Gay / Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Logan Perry is an RN who enjoys caring for the elderly. He is looking for a place that he can belong since the small bigoted town he grew up in in Iowa really is not gay friendly.

Bradley McFarren is a busy man, who just wants to hire someone who will care for his grandmother in his absence. He runs the family company and is constantly on one trip or another to keep things running smoothly.

When Logan arrives in Texas to interview for the job of taking care of Gail McFarren, he has no idea he is about to meet the man who will be the love of his life. There is only one problem, Gail is not getting any younger and her health problems are piling up, and Bradley is straight. Despite these two things, Logan tries to make the best of it, and for three years he gets to spend time with Bradley, and Gail who treats him like another grandson. Unfortunately, at the end of the three years Gail is dying, and relatives are coming out of the woodwork like vultures. Will Logan be able to call Bradley back in time to see his dying grandmother one more time before she leaves this Earth? Will he be able to stop the relatives who have shown up only because they smell money? And finally will Bradley finally open his eyes and see that he has someone who loves him standing right in front of him?

I love Hurri Cosmo stories, and this one was no different! This was quite simply a delightful story, and I absolutely adored the main characters by the end. There is plenty of suspense, romance, and bad guys to keep you entertained for a few hours for sure. And the end, oh, the end it is so satisfying! If you love m/m romance, suspense, bad guys, and two main characters who are smokin’ then you definitely want to pick up A Place to Belong today!

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