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After the Bane Series
Book 1: Apocalyptic Moon
Book 2: Raven Moon

After the Bane, book 1
ISBN# 9781612177380/978612177373
10 May 2013
The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
362 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Dr. Dora Adler is working in the E.R. one night when she is bitten by a zombie. She thinks her life is over when she is hustled off to quarantine, but it turns out that she is immune to the Z-Page virus. Transferred to a secret lab, Dora meets a werewolf, is accused of being a witch and finds she has become telepathic.

Dirk Gunderson is an alpha werewolf who is captured and brought into the same lab as Dora, because he is immune to the virus, too. With sexy little Dora, part doctor part witch, he makes plans to rescue her brother and niece, but he wants to drop her off at his pack’s compound first. He also finds himself strongly attracted to her, but their laws say that alphas do not mate with witches, ever.

The Z-Page virus is a worldwide pandemic that is highly contagious and turns people into mindless zombies. There is danger since the apocalypse has turned things into a free-for-all, but Dora knows that her family is still alive and is determined to find them. That Dora and Dirk could be together seems impossible, but the intense attraction growing between them says different. Escape is only the first step. They will have to evade zombies, religious zealots, werewolf hunters and an angry ex-girlfriend.

Ms. Gordon has put her own spin on the often-used lore of zombies, werewolves and witches, making them attractive and new even to the most jaded reader. The dry sense of humor mixed with suspense and action is well-balanced and the point-of-view switches go smooth, adding depth to the characters and story. I love this read. It has kept my attention till the end, and I would suggest it to anyone tired of the same old zombie and werewolf stories.

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