Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: Unavailable
August 2009
Romance Unbound Publishing
40 Pages
M/M Yaoi Historical Erotic Romance (Japan)
Rating: 4 Cups

The tiny house and nearly barren scrap of land are all Kisho and his mother have in this world. For all of the back breaking work, they barely survive on the bit of rice he manages to cultivate from the poor soil.

The pain and sorrow of the last year have taken their toll on Prince Yukio. He would like nothing more than to be left alone in his grief, but he has a duty to his people and his family.

Losing his brothers and his father, Kisho is the only person left to provide for his ailing mother. He valiantly tries to ease her suffering, and puts aside all hopes and dreams for himself to be there for her. Yukio comes across the rice paddy where Kisho is working, and has to stop himself from crying out in delight. The resemblance to Yukio’s lost lover is uncanny, but when Yukio meets with Kisho, he knows beyond doubt that this man is the most special person he will ever know.

Wealth and power mean nothing for a man who has lost the one thing money cannot buy...his heart. As the characters in this story come together they drop the trappings of society, and for the first time they feel truly alive. I love how their union is made even more special by putting aside their own personal needs to concentrate on those around them. They are so tender and sweet, but underneath you can feel the fire that burns in their souls.

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