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ISBN#: 978-1-60370-924-8/ 978-1-60370-924-8
February 2010
Torquere Press
176 Pages
Erotic, m/m contemporary, romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Cooper Thomas is a cop who has just put a serial killer away. Unfortunately, not before the killer had the chance to abuse him. Now Cooper is just trying to put his life back together; if only his former lover, Alec, would let him do so.

Alec Whitley left Cooper without a word ten years before, and he is still haunted by his own actions. He wants to explain his reasons to Cooper, but Cooper does not want to hear them.

When Alec finds out the love of his life, Cooper Thomas, has been captured by a crazed serial killer in A Promise Kept, it is all he can do to hold it together long enough to help save the man he loves. Now six months later, he is still trying to get Cooper to listen to him about their past. However, Cooper is afraid to feel anything when it comes to Alec and refuses to listen. After all, what if Alec leaves him again? He knows he would not be able to survive losing Alec a second time. But when a killer pops out of the woodwork that seems to have the same MO as the one behind bars, Alec and Cooper are thrust together to help solve the mystery of who is killing young gay men in Portland, Oregon. Will they be able to put their differences aside long enough to find and stop the killer and maybe repair their relationship or will more young men die?

A Promise Given lived up to all my expectations! I loved getting to revisit Cooper, Alec, Mason and Jack again in this sequel. The premise of this story rocks and just keeps you on the edge of your seat until you’ve read the final page. Ms. Glenn does a great job of explaining the BDSM clubs and what they are really like. It was obvious that the proper research was done ahead of time, which in my mind is key with any good book. Cooper’s reaction to Alec and his fear of being hurt again is very realistically portrayed. I always love how Ms. Glenn creates characters because they are real not just cookie cutter types. The lovemaking between Cooper and Alec is explosive and helps to bind these two back together, as well as, helps to repair old wounds. This is one love story you simply have to read to believe. In my opinion it is one of Ms. Glenn’s best. Be sure and get your copy of both A Promise Kept and A Promise Given because they are well worth it!

Coffee Time Romance & More




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