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Treeland Pack Tales Series
Book 1: A Taste of Scarlet
Book 2: A Promise of Amber

Treeland Pack Tales, Book 2
ISBN: 9781611185485
October 2011
Loose Id
162 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Shape-shifter Ménage
Rating: 5 Cups

Amber is an anomaly among her kind, half-fae and half-psi werewolf, and those who know what she is tend to treat her as if she has some disease that may rub off on them. Used to censorship and degradation from other werewolves, it still hurts Amber that her chosen mate wants nothing to do with her.

Hunter is the Alpha of his pack and the chosen mate for Amber. He has trepidations of his own about the female who was chosen for him, but he honors his promises.

Tru is Hunter’s second-in-command and he respects and trusts his Alpha to the fullest. But when Tru first meets Amber during a highly volatile time, he finds that his respect may not be enough to keep him from wanting to claim her as his own.

When her family’s compound is attacked by goblins, Amber takes the pups she is in charge of and hides in a safe room to keep them from being hurt. When Tru enters their sanctuary, there is an instant connection that explodes when they are alone. Add in the dominating Alpha Hunter, and their relationship goes from being “the normal” duo to a triad that most would not support. Will the three shapeshifters be able to have their triangular relationship? How will they react when they realize Amber is not just some ordinary female werewolf?

I love a great erotica story that is full of paranormal beings and controversial obstacles. A Promise of Amber delivers that and more. The way Ms. Lorraine incorporates prejudicial subjects and emotional aftershocks just made this tale all the more noteworthy. The abuse that Amber has to endure just to survive in her own household is so heartbreaking and yet it gives us the chance to see why underneath her submissive nature, the she-wolf had a backbone made of steel. On top of that you have the alpha Hunter whose mere presence in a room screamed domination, and his second-in-command, Tru, whose sensitive nature seemed to nurture different parts of Amber’s character, making this one brilliant ménage a trois tale that you will not soon forget.

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