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American Romance’s Men of the West Series:
Book 1: Colorado Cowboy by C.C. Coburn
Book 2: Roughneck Cowboy by Marin Thomas
Book 3: The Comeback Cowboy by Cathy McDavid
Book 4: My Favorite Cowboy by Shelley Galloway
Book 5: A Rancher’s Pride by Barbara White Daille
Book 6: The Maverick’s Reward by Roxann Delaney

Part of the American Romance’s Men of the West Series
ISBN: 9780373753574/ 9781459202337
May 2011
Harlequin American Romance, an imprint of Harlequin Enterprises Limited
Paperback/ eBook
174 Pages
Contemporary Romance; Heart & Home Category; Western
Rating: 3 Cups

Sam Robertson is stunned when he finds out he has a little girl. His lie-spewing ex-wife Ronnie never even told him that she was pregnant.

Kayla Ward has heard many horrible stories about Sam from her sister and she has even seen the bruising after one altercation. When Ronnie dumped her little girl, Becky off at Sam’s house, Kayla knew she needed to go rescue her niece before Becky saw her daddy’s ugly side.

When Kayla shows up emitting the lies Ronnie has told her, Sam knows he has to show the beautiful woman the truth. And since Becky is deaf and needs both of them until Sam can get a handle on communicating with his wonderful daughter, he figures it will be easy enough. That is until Kayla starts talking about taking Becky home with her and then Sam has had enough. Now he will have to use all of his charm and wit to convince Kayla to stay where it matters most…in his life and in his arms.

The battle for custody between Kayla and Sam for little Becky was poignantly told through Ms. Daille’s writing. I do wish there could have been more of an interaction between the two main characters other than the custody battle as it took up most of the plot not leaving enough detail to explain how Kayla and Sam fell in love. I must say the descriptions used to paint Becky’s expressions was very graphic and imaginative and it had me feeling as if I were actually standing there watching her experience her first horseback ride, playing with Pirate, or coming to love her daddy. This is a story you will enjoy reading.

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