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April 2011
39 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Mad Stone

David and Zach were trying to enjoy a nice romantic dinner with their lover and queen of the pack, Chandra, when they are interrupted with some horrendous news. Now, they are in a race against time as they rush to find the antidote that will save their healer from certain death.

When I first started reading Ms. Teglia’s story, I was expecting the sexual encounters to start from the beginning. I think I rather liked the fact that the sex was not shoved down my throat. Instead I got to read a good plot line while the anticipation of the coupling between the three main characters was still teasing my brain. This is a nicely written tale that I enjoyed more than I was expecting to.

Rock My World

Caleb Mann and Gina Devlin cannot wait to get some much needed time alone when they leave for her art exhibit. When a crystal that has a man trapped inside of it finds its way into Gina’s hands, she knows her and Caleb’s idea of a spicy but quiet weekend together has just gone down the tubes.

This was almost like reading a story about a genie but with a more intriguing plot line and steamy sex to boot. Ms. White not only gives us the paranormal aspect of the tale, but she includes real life experiences such as getting away from the kids for a weekend that added to the story. The mystery of the man in the crystal has me wondering what will really become of him and if there will be a story of his that we get to read at some point in time.

A Rock and a Hard Place is an anthology with two steamy reads within its bindings. I like how both have the elements of paranormal activity and erotica, as well as the stones involved, which lead to the name of this novel. Ms. White and Ms. Teglia both have a writing style that I enjoyed reading with voices that told their stories in such a way I wanted to see what would happen next. These tales are like little teasers that have the reader craving more.

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