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Series featuring Realm Warriors

Book 1: The Greater Good
Book 2: The Lesser Evil
Book 3: A Ruthless Good
Book 4: One Good Woman

A series featuring Realm Warriors, Book 3
ISBN# 1586082132
January 2009
New Concepts Publishing
190 Pages
Futuristic Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Parlania may have once been the home of his people. Now, Roth Celebria can only see it as a city of horrors. Its leader is a man who thinks himself a god and punishes those who disobey his law in the most cruel and painful ways.

Every bend on the trail, river crossing and hike over a mountain is what feeds Claudia Turan’s soul. She is a warrior by trade, a citizen of the Realm by birth and an adventurer at heart.

Morda sends his shepherds out regularly to eradicate any who challenge his command, and Roth barely escapes with his life. He is saved by a woman unlike any he has ever known, a silver goddess as beautiful as she is deadly. What Claudia feels for Roth is something she can barely comprehend, but there is little time to explore those feelings with a war looming over their heads. Roth cannot bear Morda’s sick and twisted rules any longer, even if it means losing a woman more precious to him than his own life.

This story crosses the gamut of emotions–shock, disgust and outrage one minute, tenderness, longing and desire the next. Roth is the perfect example of this dichotomy. Wherein, he exudes an almost childlike innocence with his feelings for Claudia. On the outside, he becomes a deadly warrior to save his friends. Also Claudia is a strangely wonderful mix of sensuality covered in steel, with a heart as big as her honor. This is an amazing series I am very much looking forward to continuing!

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