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Dark Breed Novels
Prequel: Before the Fall
Book 1: Ascension
Book 2: Bedeviled
Book 3: Chosen

A Dark Breed Novel, Book 1
ISBN: 9780061964404/ 9780062079183
April 26, 2011
Avon, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
Print/ eBook
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance; Fantasy; Mythology; Ages 18 and Up
Rating: 4 Cups

Kyana is an anomaly in her world. Half Vampyre, half Lychen she is an outcast who works for The Order as she fights against the evil that has tried to overtake mankind.

Ryker is a demigod whose mother was a human and whose father is Ares, The God of War. Kyana’s Lychen half calls to his soul and his passion, but her Vampyre half has him turning away from the passion her body promises him.

When clues to Tartarus being opened and unleashing the vicious Dark Breed is linked with a missing key, Ryker and Kyana find themselves working together. Kyana is not someone who messes with partners, but in this instance she has no choice, even though her pride wants to deny the help she needs from the sexy demigod. Ryker knows he should stay far away from Kyana, but the mission will not allow it. As the danger, intrigue, and passion heat up, both Kyana and Ryker will have to learn to depend and trust one another or the hell that has broken loose will continue to destroy mankind until the Dark Breed take control of the world.

I love a good paranormal romance and Ascension has all the qualities that make this type of book a fantastic read, plus it is unique, which adds to its element of greatness. The world that Ms. Grace has introduced to us is a place that is full of mythological and paranormal creatures, humans, and everything in between. The only issue I have with this novel is that the way the book begins had me thinking I was reading the second tale in the series. Once I realized this was the first story I could not quite grasp why the novel started out with information that had me feeling as if I was missing a big chunk of story that was already told. Even that was put on the back burner as I became embroiled in Ryker and Kyana’s story. As the tale ended, I found myself wishing I could pick up the second novel and start reading where I left off at the end of the first book. The anticipation of where this tale goes from here is just about killing me.

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