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ISBN# 9781402268908
December 2012
Sourcebooks Casablanca
$6.99 US/£4.99 UK
352 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Everything about their last OP has felt off. Now John “Red Jack” Roaker wishes he paid more attention to his gut. His best friend and swim buddy is dead. His memory is full of holes. And if he does not fill in those blanks soon, his days as an active SEAL are over.

Growing up a SEAL pup, Dr. Laurie Smith is fairly confident she does not want a relationship with an enlisted man. The day she meets Jack, however, those concerns are blasted by a wave of sexual need.

Group therapy is the worst kind of torture for Jack, which forces him to seek an alternative with Laurie. Her acupressure and message techniques are working wonders for his memory, but it is Laurie herself who keeps him coming back for more. Unfortunately, the base psychologist does not appreciate his going outside of the approved therapy, so demands a halt to all contacts between Jack and Laurie. Jack has a very short window of time to regain his memory, or he could lose his career. Worse yet, he could very easily lose Laurie.

Jack’s relationship with his swim buddy Don is as equally important to this story as is his relationship with Laurie. Honor and dedication are the core of who Jack is, which makes losing the memory of his last few minutes with Don cause such tremendous pain. Laurie, too, is an amazing woman, with a remarkable capacity for knowing when to push and when to stand back as Jack struggles with his loss. This story will bring you to tears as easily as it puts a smile on your face, and you will not find a better storyteller with such feeling for the hearts of our military warriors.

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