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Vasquez & James Series

Book 1: Loving Luki Vasquez
Book 2: Delsyn’s Blues
Book 3: Yes
Book 4: Finding Jackie
Book 5: Saving Sonny James
Book 6: Because of Jade
Book 7: A Shot of J & B

Vasquez & James Series, Book 7
ISBN: 978-1-63216-910-5 (EB), 978-1-63216-909-9 (PB)
March 9, 2015
Dreamspinner Press
E-Book / Paperback
$6.99 / $14.99
214 Pages
Mystery/Suspense, BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

The move to London has helped Brian Harrison keep his perspective. His emotions were in too much turmoil to stay in the States and be anywhere near the young man who stole his heart.

Working tirelessly with therapists, and delving deeply into the study of forensic psychology, Jackie Vasquez is as close to being healed as he will ever be. Now he can see a future where fulfillment and happiness are definitely attainable.

The intensity of Brian’s feeling for Jackie have not faded over the years, but now that Jackie is a man, maybe there is a chance. When Jackie gets the opportunity to continue his education in London, he is thrilled to be closer to Brian. As a rookie for Scotland Yard, Brian gets so little time with his lover, especially now that he is working on a case where causing fear seems to be the only goal. His time away from Jackie makes him worry, more so when he learns that Jackie is geocaching in a city he barely knows.

Jackie is such an amazing personality and character in this series, it is no wonder Brian is completely enthralled. Brian is a solid comforting presence for Jackie, whereas Jackie breathes life into a man much too young to be so set in his ways. I love the sincerity in their emotions, and how they lay everything bare for each other, with no fear of ridicule or recrimination. The bond they share is the perfect counterpart to the spine-tingling suspense laid out by an author who can definitely hold her own against any crime novelist.

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