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Seasons of Lancaster Novel
Book 1- A Simple Winter
Book 2- A Simple Spring
Book 3 – A Simple Autumn

Seasons of Lancaster, Book 3
ISBN# 9780345526755
16 October 2012
Ballantine Books
400 Pages
Inspirational Amish & Mennonite Christian Romance Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Annie Stoltzfus is heartbroken that the Amish man she always dreamed of marrying is committed to another. Not only has Adam King found love elsewhere, he chooses an Englisher to be his bride. Though she begins to soften toward Adam’s intended bride, Remy, Annie cannot imagine her life in Lancaster without the man she has loved since girlhood. When her sister invites her, Annie seriously considers the idea of moving and joining an Old Order Amish community in New York.

Jonah King has loved Annie Stoltzfus since they were children, but his older brother Adam has always upstaged him. Now that Adam is engaged to marry Remy, Jonah wonders if God has given him one more chance to prove to Annie that he can be the strong man she needs, if only he could stop making a fool out of himself in front of her. At every turn, it seems as though Jonah’s naturally quiet nature holds him back.

With the decline in health of Annie’s father, Jonah King steps in to fill the gap. Jonah’s solid strength becomes indispensible around the Stoltzfus farm. Annie begins to see Jonah in a new light, realizing that the introspective exterior hides a strong man, who will always be equal to the task and willing to pitch in. How can Annie fail to fall hard for this man who will risk everything, even a harsh reprimand from the Ordnung, to do what is right for those he loves?

Readers have always been fascinated by the life and culture of the Amish. In her Seasons of Lancaster series, Ms. Lauer delivers a heartfelt tale of young love within the inspirational context of her Amish characters’ faith-filled lives. The continuing saga of the King family and their community will be a delight to anyone looking for a story of God’s love and faithfulness. Though this book can be read as a standalone, I recommend readers pick up the rest of the series, as they will no doubt want to catch up with the lively supporting cast.

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