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Dreg City Series

Book 1- Three Days to Dead
Book 2 - As Lie the Dead
Book 3: Another Kind of Dead
Book 4: Wrong Side of Dead

Dreg City Book 2
ISBN: 9780553592870-Paperback/ 9780440339649-eBook
July 2010
Dell, a division of Random House, Inc.
Print/ eBook
$7.99-USA/ $9.99-CAN
432 Pages-Paperback/ 416 Pages-eBook
Fantasy; Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Evangeline Stone is not who she used to be. Waking up after being tortured, raped, and killed in another chick’s body with powers she never should have had makes for an interesting day.

Wyatt Truman knows it takes a lot to understand Evy. Even though he is her handler, he still has a hard time figuring out the beautiful bounty hunter.

Now that the massive war is over all Evy wants to do is go home and take a nap for about a week. Unfortunately for her before she can, more duty calls in the form of a shapeshifter. Phineas is an Owlkin, and needs her help. But amidst all of her investigation she begins to see a conspiracy so deadly there is a good chance that she will not only end up dead again, she will die by the hands of those she is supposed to trust.

Ms. Meding knows how to write a twisted tale full of intrigue, conspiracies, bad-as-can-be villains, and one woman determined to stop them all. The story is quite complicated in the beginning, leaving me slightly lost as it takes off right where the last book left off. But even though the opening plot is confusing I soon became engrossed within this novel. As Lie the Dead is a non-stop action packed book that leaves you guessing what will happen to Evy, Wyatt, and everyone who comes in contact with the mysterious bounty hunter. By the end of this tale you will want to pick up another Kelly Meding novel just to see what in the world is in store for these characters next.

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