Coffee Time Romance & More




November 19, 2013
Montlake Publishing
350 pages
Romance Comedy
Rating: 5 cups

Kate Freemont Everett has a life of success in every way. She has had thirty-plus years of marriage to a gynecologist who thought his secrets were unknown. Little did he know that Kate just played along for their wonderful children. There was love, but she never let go of the one she gave her heart to, and never got it back; Jake Windom. Now that she is ready to move on past her husband, what to do with her heart and her time?

Jake Windom will never forget his first true love, Kate Freemont. He wonders where she is and what she is doing. Is she divorced, single, or in a relationship? How can he get what he lost when he cheated on her? She seems to follow him in his shadows. Thoughts always creep up of her when he least expects it. Jill, who he left Kate for many years prior, is divorced from him now, and he is confident enough to go after the one thing he does not have; his one true love.

Life is a bit chaotic and it is about to get even more so. Now that Kate is going to start the online dating battle that most embark on, will she choose real love or temporary fixes? She has two options, and now three that look promising. But who to choose? Work is not going as planned since she is now unemployed, but neither is her relationship to her mother, or the five year plans she has for her children. Everything is a mess!

This is the most 'hysterically funny romance intertwined with drama' that I have ever read. I didn't expect the ending. The writing style, setting, pace, and different voices portrayed by Ms. Ernst are carefully put together. It is refreshing and such a nice surprise to read a classy, blunt, and in your face tasty novel. It reminds me of the wiser more traditional days of romance mixed in with the newer technological advances that allow us to go as fast or as slow as we want to in love. Take the time to read this very humorous novel that never has a dull moment. It definitely gets 5 cups!

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