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ISBN#: 9781771309196
July 8, 2014
Evernight Publishing
98 Pages
Paranormal, MMF
Rating: 4 Cups

With each breath Daphne Sabella knows she is one step closer to death. Her heart should never have lasted this long, but the weakness and dizzy spells are now getting worse.

In all of his centuries on this earth Wayde Wallace has had many lovers, yet never a mate. When the signs begin to appear that he has found not one, but two, he is completely unprepared. Especially when one of them is Alexander Malden, a Shade cop.

Bringing Daphne into his home cements a feeling of rightness in Wayde’s heart he has never before experienced. Keeping her alive is his only concern, yet he will never Turn her without her knowing precisely what that means. Alex has his eye on Wayde as a suspect in the rogue killings, though the devastatingly handsome man is throwing him completely off of his game. Wayde must flush out the real killer if he stands a chance of having Daphne and Alex in his life, but nothing about the killer is as it seems.

Wayde is the driving force in which this story revolves. His vampire senses awaken with Daphne, but when Alex steps on the scene they are blown wide open. There are so many elements being touched on here that you are instantly drawn in. I only wish the story delved deeper and more thoroughly into each of the characters, because they are all so wonderfully enticing.

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