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Chalet Publishing
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304 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Recovering from a marriage that left both her heart and bed empty, master weaver Isabelle travels to her home in the baja to escape attempts to play matchmaker by well-meaning friends. Isabelle just needs a little time to herself to weave and recharge her batteries. She never planned on the ghost or the younger man who come in and light a passion that she has been craving all along.

Living in a world rich in romance and mystery, Cristiano Casamiro is a scientist who is studying the fiery depths of the active volcano. While out fishing on his panga, he finds the half naked gringa and fishes her, and a need that he finds nearly overwhelming, out of the sea.

Together and with the help of friends, they must free the spirit that haunts the island. As the stakes go higher and the volcano heats up, the fire within them burns…and a Spiral of Echoes threatens to pull them all to their deaths.

A ghost story more cleverly told than any I have read for a long time, Spiral of Echoes is rich in local texture and flavor as well as being an edge-of-your–seat thriller in turns. The tension between the main characters literally burns off the page as fiery as the weavings Isabelle creates. Passion flows through the pages of this eerie tale and will leave you shivering while you feel the hot sun beat on your flesh as if you were standing on the beach looking up and waiting, like the ghost, for your love to return…

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