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Biting Love

Book 1: The Bite of Silence
Book 2: Beauty’s Bite
Book 3: Downbeat
Book 4: Biting Oz
Book 5: Biting Me Softly
Book 6: Bite My Fire
Book 7: Biting Nixie

Biting Love, Book 8
ISBN# 9781619222540
November 2014
Samhain Publishing
246 Pages
Romance, Red Hot, Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Aiden Blackthorn is trying to leave his old life behind but it keeps coming back to make his life hell. Only this time he has more to lose because he just discovered his mate and she is in the direct line of fire.

Sunny Ruffles is one of the cursed Ruffles, but this time she wants to make a difference. Her first night walking the beat brings her face to face with the sexiest vampire she has ever seen, and she is unable to forget no matter who tries to make her. Now she will need him to save someone she loves and in turn she will save him.

The ones Aiden cares for are in danger and Aiden is about to face his past, or die trying. Sunny is unwilling to let Aiden go that easy and she is determined she will be his future if only he will get with the plan.

I found the beginning to drag with moments where I wanted to skip ahead. I stuck with the story and in the end my patience was repaid. Sunny and Aiden are fascinating characters and I enjoyed learning of the fascinating world of vampires and humans learning to live together. I recommend Assassin’s Bite with the warning the beginning does have a bit of drag to it, but when it speeds up it is well worth the read. Meeting sexy Aiden made up for the slow start and was the main draw of Assassins Bite.

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