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What Man Hath Wrought Book Six
ISBN# 978-1-61950-134-8
October 2012
Gypsy Shadow Publishing
26 Pages
Steampunk, Alternate History, Holiday
Rating: 3 Cups

Stanton Wardgrave is an inventor and a very practical one at that. If he cannot see the evidence of something, then it just does not exist. He most certainly does not allow his children to entertain such fanciful ideas as Saint Nicholas.

In a somewhat drunken stupor, Stanton receives a visit from the ghost of his deceased father, advising him to listen to his three visitors that night.

Stanton laughs off the apparition as a drunken holiday hallucination based on the Dickens’ novel.

We see very little of this Steampunk Victorian world during the book and descriptions of any equipment are even more lacking. The use of Dickens’ classic novel, while not a new idea, is usually done without the characters knowledge of the tale. This is the second book about Stanton and it may be necessary to read the previous book to be able to fully enjoy this holiday tale.

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