Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781781890011
April 2013
Choc Lit Limited
317 Pages
Time Travel Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

History always thoroughly fascinates Sarah Yates, making her wonder how it would actually feel to live during the times she teaches her students about. As a matter of fact, anything would be better than her life right now.

The garden market is John Needler’s oasis from his job as a Time Needle, where he supervises Stitches on their assignments. First contact with a Stitch is always the hardest, as he must explain their jobs and try to belay their fears.

The divorce has left Sarah feeling like she is in on a downhill slide. Since meeting John, however, she feels she may have finally tipped over the edge. Everything she thinks she knows about time in relation to the past, present and future all goes up in smoke as Sarah takes on her first job as a Stitch. If it were not for John, she would surely lose her mind, yet she cannot allow herself to get caught up in matters of the heart again. Relationships with Stitches are seriously frowned upon for a great many reasons, many of which John has seen with his parents' marriage, but tell that to a heart that refuses to give up on an amazing woman like Sarah.

Travelling through time is always a tricky concept to wrap your head around, although Ms. James does an admirable job of keeping it fairly uncomplicated. I find that Sarah’s character, with her background as a history teacher, is a neat way of blending the past with the present. Still, it is her unerring ability to overreact in any given situation that, in my opinion, makes her feel less like a mature woman and more of a flighty girl. Her trips through time are adventurous and exciting, especially after the initial confusion wears off, which is what really makes this story shine.

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