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The Storm Stories
Book 1 - A Storm of Passion
Book 2 - A Storm of Love
Book 3 - A Storm of Pleasure
Book 4 - Mistress of the Storm

ISBN #: 978-0-7582-3518-3
October 2010
Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Historical Romance with Paranormal Elements
Rating: 4 Cups

Katla is the daughter of a slave and a powerful warrior who is now dead and declared a traitor. She has always tried to prove herself to her father. She is beautiful, strong, brave, and loyal.

Gavin is also known as the Truthsayer. Once a month he tells one man’s truth for the Earl Magnus. He is never wrong although the visions take a great toll on him. He lives in a cave far away from people and their thoughts, and has an insatiable desire for women.

When her father is declared a traitor and killed, Katla offers herself to one of the Earl’s warriors, so that she can at least save her brother, Kali. Harald makes her a second wife and gives her an honored position in his household despite her father’s infamy. She hears of the Truthsayer and goes to him to ask him to see her brother’s truth and save him. Gavin thinks that he has seen an angel and finds her to be the only woman who can satisfy him and calm the voices in his head, but she disappears, and he has to wait to find her again.

This novel has an interesting concept, a seer who lives in a cave, much valued by the local Earl. Gavin seems to have sprung from nowhere to a position of prominence. Katla is a very admirable woman, strong and loyal to her family no matter what. She sacrifices much for both Gavin and her brother. The plot is pretty engrossing with an interesting setting and era. The characters are well drawn and real enough for the modern reader to relate to. This is a trilogy well worth reading.

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