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Adventures of Evelina Copper Series
Book 1: A Study in Silks (September 2013)
Book 2: A Study in Darknes (October 2013)
Book 3: A Study in Ashes (November 2013)

Adventures of Evelina Cooper, Book 1
ISBN# 9780345537188
September 2013
Del Rey Books
$7.99 US/$9.99 CAN
549 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The world Evelina Cooper now inhabits is so far from her past it almost feels like another lifetime. Her mechanical abilities as well as her inherent magic must be carefully hidden, or this new life she leads will come to a very abrupt and permanent end.

Idly rich and often bored out of his mind, young Tobias Roth finds ways to stir up trouble, if only to keep him and his friends entertained. He loves digging into and designing machines, which like most things he does, is completely condemned by his father, the indomitable Lord Bancroft.

With the steam barons controlling anything that produces power, even wealthy men like Lord Bancroft are in fear of losing everything if they so much as hint at rebellion. Evelina sees quite clearly how the strain of the times is threatening her friend’s family, so when a murder occurs in their home, she does everything she can to find answers. Having Nick, her childhood crush, come back in her life at this time both thrills and terrifies Evelina, especially as she is coming closer and closer to having the life she has always dreamed of. Her emotions are being torn in every direction the closer she gets to Tobias, and it scares her to death that the answers she is digging for could very easily destroy his entire family.

Much like her uncle, Sherlock Holmes, Evelina is one very smart and canny young woman. Her only problem is being stuck in a world where her brains and abilities are more likely to get her condemned than complimented. I love how she maneuvers herself in this world of men with poise and grace, yet she never hesitates to get her hands dirty when the need arises. At the moment, she may be a little battered and bruised emotionally, but I have no doubt she will continue to fight just as hard and smart to right whatever wrongs are coming her way.

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