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5 Cups - Our Best Review
5 Cups - Our Best Review

ISBN: 978-1-77233-083-0
November 2014
Evernight Publishing
Paranormal, Humor
Rating: 5 Cups

Madison, a succubus from a long line of gold diggers, is a black sheep in that she actually wants to find love. She thought she found it, but during her mother’s suspicious death and her funeral, she finds out she was wrong because her boyfriend’s heavily pregnant wife crashes the party with a gun and Madison is shot. After recovering, she finds that her succubus mojo is gone, she was cut from her mother’s will, and she has to hire a detective to find out the truth. She is left with gold-digging the old-fashioned way; to earn the money she needs so she goes to the gypsies to see where to start. There she meets Luca, who offers to help her find a mark providing he gets a cut.

Luca, a sinfully handsome gypsy, comes across Madison in the woods outside his grandmother’s trailer and offers to help her with all she needs, providing that he gets in on the scheme and is in charge. He is adamant that she will find her mark in a small-town nicknamed “the land of the rising sun”. He ends up handling everything, from finding a place to live, a job to get her closer to her mark, the mark’s background, down to helping her pick out a wardrobe to help her get said job. It looks like Luca might have ulterior motives behind his altruistic seeming offer to help Madison though. The fact that he sleep walks, is avoiding an arranged marriage and his family, are only a few.

The plan seems simple: move into a Mansion, adopt the original owner’s background for Madison, and seduce a seemingly happily married man. Only the mansion might be haunted, the happily married man looks to be just a cover for illegal deeds, and Luca’s jerk of a cousin shows up to interfere. On top of it all Madison is having trouble feeding, Luca faints each time she tries, and ends up calling her cousin Maybelline for help. Turns out her dreams of love might be hazardous to her health and their simple plan is not so simple after all. Instead of just looking to get money they end up investigating the mysterious disappearances of young girls, while avoiding the skeevy mark, Calvin Boucher, his alcoholic wife, and Luca’s shrewd cousin. Will Madison and Luca be able to pull it all off in time?

I adored this story; it was a light-hearted sort of romp that had me laughing out loud at times. Right from the start I was sucked in. I mean, her mother dies after “vaginal reconstruction surgery” how could that not grab your attention? Madison was not a typical succubus, she actually believed in love, even after it turned out that to fall in love could be dangerous. I loved Luca, besides being uber sexy and hiding ulterior motives behind his choice of mark, he was sweet and thoughtful toward Madison. There was no confusion as to what was going on and while it had humor it did not hit that mark where some books go too far; it had just the right amount. This was a cute, quick story that had a bit of everything, likeable characters, humor, some mystery, a smoldering attraction, with a dash of suspense.

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