Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781607352464
February 2011
Resplendence Publishing
115 Pages
Erotic Romance; BDSM; M/M; Ménage; Interracial; Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Macie Jenson has signed up for The Adult Experience for one reason. The cool hundred thousand she will receive once the experience is over.

Zander Dante knows right away that Macie is his. He is determined to train her and turn her into the perfect sub he wants her to be.

Klark Lucard sees the way Zander reacts around Macie, and he too knows that she is Zander’s mate. She also happens to be his as well as the other male vampire of their trio.

Kemper Keetes finds Macie to be ultimately divine and cannot wait to get a taste of her. While he abstains from claiming the sexy woman as his own, his lust is satisfied by both Zander and Klark.

Macie is furious when she finds out that Zander expects her to act all obedient to him and she rebels. This leads her to being collared and treated to other submissive experiences at the hands of three dominant males. On top of that she has never met a vampire before, and she never expected to find out that the three lusty men she herself is craving are the real deal. As Zander, Kemper, and Klark finally begin to make some headway with Macie, a tragic accident has them discovering something so shocking they know they must let her go. But in true Macie style, the woman who is supposed to submit to these three alpha males takes matters into her own hands.

A Supernatural Experience is very hot. Ms. Avery uses vivid details and enticing scenes to paint an erotic picture sure to send hedonistic pleasure to every part of your body. I did feel that parts of the story seemed almost rushed, leaving me slightly confused as to where the story was going. Other parts of this tale leapt from one topic to another and had me feeling as if I was missing huge chunks of information. While not the most spectacular novel I have ever read, the overall storyline is hot enough that you will feel as if you have a raging fever and only these sexy vampires have the medicine to cure you.

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