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At the End Zone
ISBN#: 9781628309008/9781628309003
April 8, 2015
The Wild Rose Press
E-book / Paperback
$ 4.99 / $ 15.99
286 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Rating: 3 Cups

Celebrity chef Lucien Durand, is used to being on top of the world. With his chain of Cajun restaurants, L’Enfer, in major cities around the globe, he never thought he would be opening one in the small town of Addington. But his young and headstrong sister, Angelique, needs to be sheltered from the lure of the big city before she makes another mistake. Lucien is confident his restaurant will be heads and shoulders above the “competition” in this backwater town…that is, until he meets the competition face-to-face.

Hope Monahan is the owner and head chef at an earth-to-table restaurant in Addington. Seasonal and local is her raison d’etre, and she does it well. With the Addington’s Tables cook-off competition around the corner, she needs to stay focused. She certainly does not need to be distracted by the sexy, arrogant celebrity chef who breezed into town and has suddenly taken an interest in her.

Of course, Lucien tells himself, at first, that he is only pursuing Hope to knock her off her game. But that lie becomes glaringly apparent when he cannot seem to stay away from her. And Hope, who has not dated anyone since her husband’s passing, is discovering a hunger she has never before experienced, one which has nothing to do with food. She will need to know that she is more than just a fling to Lucien before she gives him her heart. When Lucien’s supermodel ex-girlfriend forces her way back into the picture, Lucien will need to decide once and for all which life he wants for himself: glamour or love.

I liked this book. I did not quite love it, but I liked it. Despite Lucien’s arrogance, which was a bit much at times, he genuinely falls for Hope. And his motives for bringing his restaurant to Addington are admirable, even though his sister does not deserve his sacrifice. I wish I had more of a chance to get to know Hope and Lucien as I felt their characters were a little topical. But all in all, a fun read.

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