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Treeland Pack Tales Series
Book 1: A Taste of Scarlet
Book 2: A Promise of Amber

ISBN# 9781607379256
January 4, 2011
Loose ID, LLC
146 Pages
BDSM BBW Shape-shifter Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Scarlet is a wonderful healer for her werewolf pack. Unfortunately, they shy away from her in deference to all she suffered during her first shift at the hands of rogue wolves. Desperate, Scarlet goes to find a wolf whisperer who can bring out her inner wolf. Upon meeting him, this alpha-phobic beauty is shocked at how much she wants him.

Daniel is a lone wolf whose whispering skills have saved many, but cost him his marriage and left him emotionally drained and desiring isolation. He physically wants the frightened red-headed pack princess, but can he give her all she needs?

If things were not complicated enough, something, or someone, is killing the local farmer’s sheep. Wolves, vampires, and family all are part of the things that can impact Scarlet and Daniel. They bravely face the problems of everyone around them, but can they publicly face their attraction and desire?

A Taste of Scarlet is a smoking hot story. The chemistry between Scarlet and Daniel is palpable and deep. The background story and supporting characters set up the main plot excellently. Dialogues were compelling and showed the pain, desire, fear, and love the characters feel. One scene showing the fast moving emotions of a teenager brought an excellent dimension to the story. There are more than enough characters for sequels, and Ms Lorraine should get on that right away, her fans are waiting!

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