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The Velvet Glove Stories

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Attitude on Wheels

A Velvet Glove Story
ISBN# 9781610403924
7 November 2012
Torquere Press
113 Pages
Erotic Contemporary BDSM Gay Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

No matter how horrible it has been to lose the use of his legs, Carson Mercer will never give in.

Physical therapy is Harrison’s whole life, not just his job.

The last thing Carson wants or needs is another person feeding him a line of bull, so when Harrison says there is hope, he means it. Bitterness, anger and fear–Harrison has seen it all, so dealing with Carson’s tirades is all in a day’s work. However, Carson is anything but just a client. Carson tries repeatedly to shake Harrison’s faith in him, which only results in him falling harder and faster for a man who becomes more precious to him than his own mobility.

Carson’s fear is a living, breathing monster that Harrison takes on like a knight in shining armor. His honesty means everything to Carson. Even when he is too angry to accept it, readers can literally feel the threads of hope weaving their way into Carson’s heart. Harrison never sugar-coats the hard work ahead, and Carson is equally blunt. Still, their passion for each other crackles with every touch. The men of the Velvet Glove strikes again, right into the heart of this reader.

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