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ISBN #: 978-1-77065-047-3
March 2010
Eternal Press
290 Pages
Mystery, psychological thriller, psychological drama, crime drama
Rating: 4 Cups

Ronnie Churchill is a quiet workaholic. He is the department golden boy, and his life revolves around work and the local bar. Ronnie is also obsessed with beautiful women. When he loses his stunning lover, he tries to settle for a plain wife, but that does not work out, and he searches for an attractive replacement for the one who got away.

Brad Shorter is the typical womanizing executive that you either love or hate. In fact, his best friend and coworker cannot stand him and yet he's always surrounded by beautiful women and amusing men. His true colors come out when his wife is faced with a cancer scare and he has to decide between his family and his new mistress.

What happens when a man slowly descends into madness; when a seemingly ordinary man goes beyond the homicidal fantasy and becomes a killer? Ronnie Churchill's life is overcome with bleakness, with an ugliness he is finding it harder and harder to shake. Each day brings him closer and closer to self-annihilation and murder when he can no longer deal with the rage that has been slowly but surely building up in him day by day.

Ed Tasca weaves a descriptive, chilling tale. This is one delightfully dark and intensely depressing story full of repressed rage and cerebral insight. I was constantly on edge as the killer announced that he is a killer at the very beginning and then with every additional page I held my breath as each character was introduced. I was deliciously teased with every prospective casualty and could not put this splendid mystery down. This book left me with feelings of shock and anger as well as sadness and an unbearable depression. I highly recommend it to fans of the psychological drama genre.

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