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The Seasons of Fantasy, Book 3
ISBN#: 9781452456003
October 2009
Gypsy Shadow Publishing
$ 2.99
Rating: 5 Cups

The story introduces us to Crawna, a beautiful woman with a regal lineage who values wealth above love and sets a high standard for any would-be suitors. With her glittery nail polish and long amber hair, she could very well be a fairy or a fantasy creature, but the story indicates she is a normal-sized human being.

Malachais is deeply in love with Crawna, but is a candle maker of low social standing. He is so sure of his love he has bought a ring to give to Crawna only to be turned away. Although we don’t get much information about Malachais, his intents and actions make him a believable character.

Autumn Crone is a short story in Aubrie Dionne’s Seasons of Fantasy series. It soon became apparent the love that exists between Crawna and Malachais is doomed by the restrictions of their respective social classes. Each character has an obstacle to overcome. For Crawna, it’s greed, and for Malachais, it’s poverty.

The story is engaging and well-written. Aubrie Dionne is a master storyteller whose work never fails to impress. I rated this one high for the tightness of the plot as there are no loose ends anywhere, and the story cycles back around nicely to its conclusion. In addition, Dionne makes it clear her main character learns and grows as the story progresses.

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