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ISBN #: 9781618851789
February 13, 2012
Secret Cravings Publishing
221 Pages
Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
Rating: 5 Cups

Ramsey Weiss is a private security expert and vampire who was turned in the 1800’s. He normally goes for young blond women, but he meets his match in an older red haired woman with Camille du Bassin.

Camille du Bassin is a chemist looking for the formula for the next great beauty cream. Youthful and beautiful, she has never married preferring her independence and her work over romance. Especially given the bad taste her last cheating boyfriend left in her mouth.

When Camille’s niece is kidnapped for ransom, her brother calls the security company Ramsey works for, and they send Ramsey to help. Unfortunately, Camille’s niece also happens to be one of Ramsey’s former girlfriends, and this fact does not sit well with Camille or Ramsey for that matter. Still in spite of the fact that he and Julliana are no longer together, he still cares about her and wants to help. His first reaction to Camille is to think of her as the b****, but it is not long before irritation flares into white hot attraction on both sides. There is as much fighting and attempted avoidance as there is kissing between the two, and Ramsey has a very hard time with Camille’s independence and unwillingness to follow his orders. When Camille’s willfulness gets her kidnapped along with her niece, it is all Ramsey can do to hold onto his temper long enough to save the two women. In the process the three discover that there is a powerful vampire behind the kidnapping. As the pair begin to learn about each other and fall in love, a plan is put into play that could cause them to lose their love forever. Will Ramsey be able to keep Camille and her family safe?

This is one smokin’ hot vampire romance! If Ramsey and Camille got any hotter they would set the room on fire. I LOVED A Vampire in Paris. There is nothing more entertaining than watching a man, and a womanizer at that, get his comeuppance. The way the author weaved the suspense along with the sexual tension in this story makes it a true keeper. The world building is very interesting in this book and it is not your garden variety vampire romance, it has that something extra that a romance story great. I am very much looking forward to the sequel, and I highly recommend this book!

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