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ISBN 978-162135-007-1

March 2012

For the Muse Publishing

$2.99 eBook/$9.99 Print

212 Pages


Rating: 4 Cups

Hollee Emmaleigh Rutherford’s bridal agency is one of two viable businesses left in a very southern town in lower Alabama. She’s awaiting a change in that fate courtesy of a resort planner the town has reluctantly agreed to hire to create a profitable resort on two adjoining properties.

Kaiden Thorne, a native Philadelphian, arrives in her shop on a hot summer day to persuade her and her neighbors, who know each other like family, to make the changes that will keep business flowing and create employment. The natives have been promised that all those employed will have work in the new venue and its support businesses.

Hollee has a curse on her love life that has killed off four bridegrooms, and Kaiden has an equally sad past when it comes to true love. Despite their efforts to keep their working relationship impersonal and professional, neither can ignore the magnetic lure of the other. The townspeople are not receptive to the Yankee invasion, and some try to sabotage Kaiden’s company’s project. Hollee realizes that the town she calls a city will not survive without the changes he proposes. They are perfectly located to turn the town into a profitable and dignified resort catering to weddings, honeymoons, and football fan traffic in season.

The north-south culture shocks are equally well represented in this amusing tale of lust, love and loss. With minimal description, each character comes colorfully alive. The attraction, back stories and lovemaking are portrayed in believable ways despite the sometimes ridiculous circumstances that bring them about. Romance readers will enjoy this book and its ethnically correct—and sometimes not so correct—humor.

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