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ISBN# 9781908766717/9781908766724
September 2012
Xcite Books
224 Pages
BDSM Erotica
Rating: 5 Cups

Claire Ryan knows something must be wrong with her. Pushing her longtime boyfriend into hating her is bad enough. Pushing him to abuse her so she can find some sort of release makes her feel as if she is worthless.

From the first moment he sees her, Evan Lang knows he is in trouble. The vulnerable, fragile-looking woman who walks into his bookstore screams to the Dom in him that has been dormant since his wife’s passing.

Claire finds herself instantly attracted to Evan, but he wants nothing to do with her until, after many nights of building sexual tension, it all explodes, and both find themselves entangled in each other’s arms. Not ready to give his heart away but willing to explore the BDSM side his body craves, Evan agrees to teach Claire about the world and why he thinks it is what she has been craving all this time. He knows she is going to learn things about herself that will scare her and have her run from the truth. He just does not expect to find himself facing a truth about himself that will have him questioning whether he should run away or not.

I have always enjoyed a good BDSM novel. There is something about this genre that has to be written a certain way. Too much information in a scene and you feel like you are reading a manual about bondage. Not enough information and you find yourself being disconnected from the storyline and the characters. Ms. Sallinger has the perfect combination to make this tale exquisitely beautiful, touchingly heart-wrenching and hedonistic enough to keep your body on fire. Awakening shows Claire as she grows from being a woman who questions everything about herself into a person who is comfortable with expecting the respect she deserves. On top of this revelation, we have Evan, the proverbial tortured hero who struggles throughout the story to fight the very nature that calls to every BDSM bone in his body. What an outstanding work by an author I have not read before. You can bet I will be looking for books from Ms. Sallinger in the future!

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