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ISBN: 978-1-62300-622-8
November 25, 2014
Loose Id, LLC
259 Pages
LGBT, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Foster care was such a living nightmare for Asher Davis that to this day he still suffers panic attacks, along with overwhelming feelings of guilt and anger. The mask of arrogant confidence he wears serves him well as a lawyer. It also hides the pain he lives with every day.

The feeling of loneliness is something Dr. Drew Klein has battled since he was a child. Even in a room full of family and friends it still feels like he is missing someone. He thought getting married would change that, when in fact it only made him feel worse.

Drew’s divorce is a cause for celebration for everyone in his circle of friends, including Ash, his ex-wife’s lawyer. Ash has no idea why he is so drawn to Drew, except for the fact that the man is as gorgeous as he is nice. Much too nice for a man like himself. Never having been attracted to men, Drew is having a hard time understanding the passion stirring in him every time Ash is near. What he does know is that under the narcissistic façade Ash is a man who cares so deeply it has literally scarred him for life.

When society fails a child as spectacularly as it did Ash there is no doubt the repercussions will last a lifetime. Despite his horrifying childhood, Ash is a true fighter, even when he cannot see it for himself. I love that Drew sees Ash for who he is deep down, beyond the sex appeal and smart mouth. With an emotional edge this razor sharp and compelling, you are going to hate seeing Ash and Drew’s story come to an end.

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