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ISBN# 9781603105590/ 9781603105606/ 9781603105613/ 9781603105620/ 9781603105583
November 2010
eRed Sage Publishing
$ 4.99
207 Pages
Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, Shape Shifters, Werewolves
Rating 4 cups

Randi is feeling the need to vent her sexual frustration when she drives up the lonely mountain road towards the hermit business owner who holds the key to her financial freedom and that of her teenage siblings she is supporting. When she slams her car into a ditch and meets the mysterious man who is the caretaker of the grounds, she is frustrated in more ways than one.

Nick Wolfe scents the desire on the woman and knows every other Lycan on his mountain can smell her, too. When her refusal to leave means he is taking her in for the night, it is a struggle against his very nature not to take her body, as it calls to him as mate.

Memories of his past rise up to swamp them both in the mystery of his wife’s brutal murder years before as well as his secret nature. Will they manage to get past what is between them and take what passion offers? Or will the murderer of his wife come back to haunt them both and hunt Randi?

Alpha male is an apt description of the powerful and magnetic Nick Wolfe. And the heroine, Randi, is no simpering female either, knowing exactly what she wants from Nick and ensuring that it is provided. A somewhat tenuous suspense, thrown in almost as an afterthought between raging bouts of passionate sex, could have been delivered more eloquently however altogether a pleasing erotic read.

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